Laundering and repairing

Nick Farley

Managing Director

Leads on Finance / Business Development / Trade Clients

Nick brings 30 years experience of supplying Flag and Flagpole services to the Events industry, Corporate Organisations and Government. Having spent 8 years working for former Black and Edgington Group PlC (Royal Warrant Holder for Flags and Tents), in a variety of roles culminating in managing the Flag and Textiles Division based in Orpington Kent. Nick’s first major event was to work on the funeral of Diana Princess of Wales in 1997. This was a unique event that a generation had never seen or experienced before. Nick left to establish The Flag Consultancy Limited in 1998. He has specialised in the past 20 years on delivering services to Government, now partnering with Arcadis since 2014 to deliver services to Department For Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) for Ceremonial events in London and Windsor.

Nick’s vast experience has played a major role in adapting and improving methods of flag productions to meet the challenging deadlines of Ceremonial events and continous change to London’s infastructure.

As Managing Director, Nick has built a highly experienced team around him, with Andy Grover – Projects Director, leading the DCMS / Arcadis Contract since 2014. Andy and Nick had previously worked together as Supplier / Contractor / Sub – Contractor since 2002 on major Ceremonial Events in London and Windsor. Nick found a niche market and has been involved in supplying flags and flagpole services ever since. His knowledge is second to none.

Andy Grover

Projects Director

Government lead on:
Ceremonial Events – London and Windsor
Sports Events – London

Commercial lead on:
Government FM
Commercial FM
Corporate and Trade Clients 

Andy has 20 years’ experience in delivery/managing services within the Event industry as a contractor taking responsibility for the planning and implementation through to completion, for a number of events in London including the Royal Parks (St James Park and Hyde Park) as well as in Windsor

Within his role Andy has managed all activities within the delivery of key events from an operational, commercial, and Health and Safety perspective.

Andy’s ability to master complex projects and look at them from a completely different perspective to others, has enabled us to take on and complete projects, that others have declined.

Janet Townsend

Sales and Admin Manager – Flag Sales and Hire

Janet is highly regarded in the industry and a valued member of staff. Her knowledge of national and corporate flags, is second to none, putting all her 35 years’ experience to good use.

Having worked with Nick previously, she joined the company in 1999.

Storage Page

Flagpole integrity

We lower the flagpole where possible and wash the flagpole using a non-abrasive cleaner to enable us to inspect for cracks and structural defects, which could lead to the failure of the flagpole.

Fixing bolts / Anchoring system

We inspect for wear and tear, and replace as necessary.


We check any additional support arms and wires to ensure all fittings are secure. We look for any movement / slipping of the collars up or down the flagpole by a visual inspection looking for any damage to the surface.

Finials / Truck head

These are replaced if damaged or faulty.


Abnormal wear and tear leading to failure, resulting in the flag becoming detached from the pole and replaced as necessary.


The fixing screws are checked to ensure the cleat remains fit for purpose. A defective or lose cleat could result in the halyard and the flag becoming detached from the pole.

Wooden poles

We offer a moisture and density test to ascertain the structural integrity of the pole.  For aluminium or steel flagpoles we offer an examination of the flagpoles and fittings using  non-destructive test methods. Should your flagpoles fail inspection we offer removal or replacement options as appropriate.

PUWER Certification

On completion of works we will send you a copy of the completed Flagpole Inspection Check sheet (link to the new form) and issue a PUWER certificate valid for either 6 or 12 months certifying the flagpole(s) were fit for purpose at the time of inspection. We recommend the certificate is kept with your health and safety manual for inspection purposes by third part.

Flag Flying, Flag changing services and Laundering

We provide flag flying services either on a contract or ad hoc basis. Your flags represent your values: it is important to maintain them, so they always look their best. We offer specialist flag cleaning services for all flag sizes inclusive of minor repairs to help prolong the life of your flags. We can arrange to attend your premises and remove the flags.

Our services include:

  • Flag washing and rotation
  • Flag repair where practical
  • Replacement flags
  • Half masting flags 

There are also official flag flying days on UK Government buildings for the Union flag, and other flag flying events that are now observed

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Commonwealth Day Flag Flying on Parliament Square

United Nation’s Day Flag Flying – Parliament Square


The Flag Consultancy supply ceremonial services in London and Windsor to the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) through a new long term service contract with our delivery partner Arcadis Uk Ltd, which was renewed in April 2022 after another successful tender and runs into the next decade.

Current Events

HM Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee, London and Windsor 

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Flag Day

Trooping the Colour – Flag Flying The Mall and Horse Guards Road

Commonwealth Day Flag Flying on Parliament Square

United Nation’s Day Flag Flying – Parliament Square 

Remembrance Sunday and AJEX

The London Marathon

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