Our services

Supply and Installation

Our experienced team of surveyors and engineers can deal with any complex task.  From your initial enquiry, we will ascertain if a site visit is required prior to quoting for the works. Our quotation will include best recommendations and the most suitable location for your flagpole installation. We are able to offer various methods of installation: ground mounted, wall mounted and roof mounted flagpoles.  We have a dedicated supply chain that can produce bespoke fittings for a variety of installations. We can provide these in a powder coated or galvanised finish. 

We hold an extensive range of flagpoles in stock enabling us to complete projects quickly and efficiently.  Our qualified engineers are competent in all methods of installation including using resin anchoring systems.

Prior to commencing any works, we will produce a Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) for client approval.

Inspections and Maintenance

We are accredited by SafeContractor to carry out Inspection and Testing of Flagpoles under Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 ( PUWER ) To ensure your flagpole remains fit for purpose and compliant, we offer 6 monthly or annual flagpole inspections together with planned preventative maintenance (PPM) contracts.

Our engineers are qualified to work at height to carry out more complex inspections on buildings/roof mounted flagpoles. They all hold IPAF qualifications to use the appropriate access equipment if necessary.

We have a comprehensive range of spare parts for all of your maintenance needs and for all different types of flagpoles, irrespective of age.  

Our safety inspections and maintenance for fibreglass and aluminium Flagpoles include:

Flagpole inspection

We lower the flagpole where possible and wash the flagpole using a non-abrasive cleaner to enable us to inspect for cracks and structural defects, that could lead to the failure of the flagpole.

Flagpole testing

We offer a moisture and density test to ascertain the structural integrity of wooden poles. For aluminium or steel flagpoles we offer an examination of the flagpoles and fittings using non-destructive test methods. Should your flagpoles fail inspection we offer removal or replacement options as appropriate.


We check any additional support arms and wires to ensure all fittings are secure. We look for any movement / slipping of the collars up or down the flagpole by a visual inspection looking for any damage to the surface.

Finials / Truck head

These are replaced if damaged or faulty.


Abnormal wear and tear leading to failure, may result in the flag becoming detached from the pole and we will replace as necessary.


The fixing screws are checked to ensure the cleat remains fit for purpose. A defective or lose cleat could result in the halyard and the flag becoming detached from the pole.

Fixing bolts / Anchoring system

We inspect for wear and tear, and replace as necessary.

PUWER Certification

On completion of works we will send you a copy of the completed Flagpole Inspection Check sheet and issue a PUWER certificate valid for either 6 or 12 months certifying the flagpole(s) were fit for purpose at the time of inspection. We recommend the certificate is kept with your health and safety manual for inspection purposes by a third party.

Flag changing services and Laundering

We provide flag flying services either on a contract or ad hoc basis. Your flags represent your values and it is important to maintain them so they always look their best. We offer specialist flag cleaning services for all flag sizes inclusive of minor repairs to help prolong the life of your flags. We can arrange to attend your premises and remove the flags.

Our services include:

Flag washing and rotation

Flag repair where practical

Replacement flags

Half masting flags 

There are also official flag flying days on UK Government buildings for the Union flag, and other flag flying events that are now observed