Apple Stores

Regent Street and Brompton Road – September 2022

We were approached by our client, The Apple Store, after the sad passing of Her Majesty The Queen, regarding the flags flying above their two London stores in Regent Street and Brompton Road. There is a particular protocol depending on the occasion, and in the time of mourning our late Queen, we were able to assist. 

This was an extremely busy time for the Flag Consultancy and many of our clients. We advised Apple that we could place the black ribbons in the correct position for them if required, however on our site visit were able to reassure them that they had already installed them correctly. 

They were delighted with our efficiency and prompt service, commenting also on the flags in the Mall: “Thank you so much for your prompt reply as I can only imagine how busy you are. I personally saw the amazing work taking place by your team this morning on the Mall and how quickly. Thank you for your clarification. These look beautiful”.